We focus on students!

Our business concept is simple: AF Bostäder is a foundation, which according to its regulations has a function to own and manage buildings intended as inexpensive and suitable housing for active students who are members of Akademiska Föreningen (the Academic Society) in Lund.

AF Bostäder is southern Sweden's largest student housing company. Our tenants are young, eager, optimistic and on the way out in life. Our task is to make sure they can find good and cheap student housing. But also that during their stay with us they have a home where they can feel good and feel safe, where they have space for socializing with neighbors and friends in an environment where they can perform in their studies. We own and manage student housing in Lund, but the business also includes the lease of commercial premises located in our housing areas.

Our vision is clear - we want to be the best student housing company in Sweden. Thanks to our process organization we are customer focused and can base all our activities on customer needs and expectations. The work is led by three main processes: Property, Retal and Property Development. For their help, there are also support processes, with special expertise in  IT/Economy/Finance and HR/Marketing/Sustainability. The sustainability work permeates the entire business.

Our business as a whole is firmly built upon the popular student lif in Lund. The student life in Lund is organized around the AF Family which consists of AF Bostäder, The Academic Society and The AF building which is a part of Studentlund.

Studentlund is a cooperation between the student unions, nations and The Academic Society (AF) in Lund. Through Studentlund you become a member of all three. Benefits of being a member includes social activities and a wide range of cultural activities. When being a member of Studentlund you can also take part of scholarships, student influence, career opportunities and sign up in the AF Bostäder housing queue. 

One membership - the entire student life.

Latest update December 17, 2018