Novisch - First time student spring 2021

Welcome to Lund University spring 2021! The competition for student housing in Lund can be quite challenging, but we do our best to help first time students (novisch students) in Lund.

Our novisch priority gives you the opportunity to book approximately 250 student housing (corridor rooms and one room apartments) reserved for novisch students, with a move-in date of 1 January and 1 February.

In order to get novisch priority you must make your housing application between 10-13 December and meet two requirements, according to AF Bostäder's housing list and rental conditions:

  1. You have been accepted to at least half-time studies (15 credits) at Lund University for the first time.
  2. You have not been registered in Skåne county since at least 12 months back.

Housing applicants with novisch priority will receive a queue time on 14 December, which is randomly distributed through a lottery. On the same day we will start publish novisch housing on our webpage. If you want to rent a housing, you need to book it. If several novisch students book the same novisch housing, the housing contract goes to the one with the longest queue time.

This is what you need to do to apply:

1. The housing application opens 10 December

The housing application opens 10 December for all new students spring 2021 regardless of when you received your letter of acceptance or notification of selection results. If you, as a new student make a housing application earlier than that, your queue time will be invalid and you will loose your queue time, novisch priority and contract proposal.

To make a housing application and stay with us, you must take at least 15 credits per semester at Lund University and be a member of Studentlund.

2. Await letter of acceptance or notification of selection results

You must have received a letter of acceptance or notification of selection results, before you can make a housing application. The document must verify that you are:

  • Accepted for the first time or have been put on an acceptance waiting list for studies at Lund University.
  • Accepted to at least half-time studies (15 credits per semester).

Please note that the housing application will open for all new students spring 2021 on 10 December regardless of when you received your letter of acceptance or notification of selection results. For instance, if you received your letter of acceptance during October, you need to wait until 10 December to make a housing application.

3. Make a housing application 10-13 December

In order to take part of the lottery you must make a housing application during the lottery period 10 December 00:01 - 13 December 23:59. You make a housing application by scrolling down this page and click on “Make a housing application”.

The queue times given to novisch students are randomly distributed by a lottery on 14 December. The queue time you get in the lottery will not be affected by which day during the lottery period that you make your housing application.

After you have made your housing application, if you are eligible for novisch priority, your queue time will display as “Lottery under way”. You will find your queue time on Your pages under the heading “Your overview” after the lottery has been completed on 14 December.

If you are not eligible for novisch priority you will automatically join our regular housing queue. Your queue time will immediately display as a time and date instead. You may then start booking housing that is not marked “Novisch”.

Personal code

In the last step of making a housing application, you must state a Swedish social security number. If you don't have a Swedish social security number, tick the box "Missing Swedish social security number" and enter your birthdate and personal code instead. This is where you find it:

  • Degree program students find your “Personal code no.” at under My Applications in the Notification of Selection Results PDF file.
  • Accepted exchange students will in early December receive an email directly from Lund University including their personal code, in the form of yyyymmdd - P123.

Only personal codes with the letter P, R, S, T, U and W are accepted in AF Bostäder's housing queue system. If you have not yet received a personal code or if it has a different letter, please contact your coordinator at Lund University.

4. Put on the waiting list? (if not – proceed to step 5)

You can register for the lottery even if you are put on the admission waiting list to Lund University. You must however be admitted before you can start booking any student housing.

Bookings made before you have been admitted is invalid which means that you will lose your queue time, novisch priority and contract proposal. Once you are admitted, please proceed to step 5.

5. Become a member of Studentlund

As a housing applicant or tenant, you must be a member of Studentlund in order to keep your queue time and housing with AF Bostäder. The membership will be checked. Become a member of Studentlund as soon as you have received your letter of acceptance. 

6. The lottery of novisch student queue times is conducted on 14 December

After you have made your housing application and signed up for the Studentlund membership, just lean back and wait for the queue time lottery on 14 December.

When the lottery is finished, the queue time on Your Pages will change from displaying “Lottery under way” to your given queue time (a time between 10 December 00:01 - 13 December 23:59).

7. Book housing on

You as a novisch student who have participated in the lottery can book available novisch housing from 14 December and onward. Remember that you must be admitted to Lund University as well as a member of Studentlund before you start to book housing. You will find information about how to book housing here


  • The specified date of admission is provisional, see exact date on
  • The novisch priority can only be obtained once. This applies regardless if the studies have been initiated or not.
  • If you have been put on the admission waiting list and participate in the lottery, you will lose your place in the queue if you are not admitted before course start. 


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