New student autumn 2018

Welcome to Lund University autumn 2018! There is great competition for getting student housing in Lund. If you have been accepted to at least half-time studies (15 credits) at Lund University for the first time and have been registered outside commuting distance (Skåne) since at least one year back, then you meet our requirements for novisch priority.

This priority gives you the right to book approximately 700 student housing (corridor rooms and one room apartments) reserved for new students (novisch), with a move-in date of 1 August and 1 September. From 16 July and onward we will publish novisch housing on our website. This is what you need to do:

1. Wait for your letter of acceptance

The conditions for applying our housing can be found in the housing list and rental conditions. To rent a student housing, you must have received a letter of acceptance. The letter of acceptance must verify that you are:

  • accepted for the first time or have been put on an acceptance waiting list for studies at Lund University
  • accepted to at least half-time studies (15 credits)

Note that international students admitted to degree programs refer to their notification of selection results from earlier this year in place for letter of acceptance. Accepted exchange students will in early July receive an email directly from Lund University including their LU ID, also referred to as your personal code, in the form of yyyymmdd-P123. The application code is also included in this email.

Only personal codes with the letter P,R,S, T or U are accepted in AF Bostäder's housing queue system. Please note that the letter F is not accepted. If you have not yet received a personal code or if it has a different letter, please contact your coordinator at Lund University. Also note that the housing queue will open for all new students on 12 July regardless of when you received your letter of acceptance or notification of selection results.

2. Make a housing application, 12-15 July

The queue times given to new students (novisch) are randomly distributed by a lottery. Registration for the novisch lottery is done by making a housing application during the lottery period. Your queue time is not affected by which day you make your housing application between 12-15 July.

Before the lottery has been carried out, the status on Your page will be “Lottery under way”. The lottery itself will take place on 16 July. The queue time that you have been given through the lottery (consisting of a date and time) will be posted on Your page the same day.

If you do not qualify for novisch status, you will immediately receive a queue time upon registration. You can then directly start booking student housing that are not prioritized for new students (novisch).

Note! A valid personal identification number must be stated upon registration. If you are a foreign student, chech the box "I do not have a Swedish personal identification number". Swedish Personal identification number are not to be confused with personal code.

3. Put on the waiting list? (if not – proceed to step 4)

You can register for the lottery even if you are put on the admission waiting list to Lund University. You must however wait for the letter of admission before you can start booking any student housing.

Bookings made before you have been admitted is invalid which means you will lose your place in the queue. Once you are admitted, proceed to step 4.

4. Become a member of Studentlund

To be a housing applicant or tenant, you must be a member of Studentlund. The membership will be checked by AF Bostäder. You can register at as soon as the registration opens on their website.

5. Book housing on

New students who have participated in the lottery can book available novisch housing from 16 July and onward, when the lottery has been completed.


  • The specified date of admission is provisional, see
  • The novisch status can only be obtained once. This applies regardless if the studies have been initiated or not.
  • If you have been put on the admission waiting list and participate in the lottery, you will lose your place in the queue if you are not admitted before course start. 

Latest update May 23, 2018