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Food waste

Sorting out food waste is easy! Of course, edible food should end up in the stomach. But the non-edible parts of the food should be emptied in the food waste bag. Yes, it’s that easy.

This is food waste: Banana peel, eggshell, meat scraps, corn cob, potato peel, shrimp shell, coffee filter, and tea bags. 

This is not food waste: Cat sand, dog poop bags, chewing gum, potted plants, soil, ice cream sticks, cigarettes and tobacco. Instead, sort it as residual waste. 

Your recycled food waste turns into biofertilizers and biogas. Biogas is a fuel used for public transport in Lund and our company cars.


  • Fold down the edge along the dashed line on the food waste bag – that way you can never overfill the bag.
  • In the bottom of the bag, add some household paper – it helps keep the bag dry.
  • Make sure that your food waste is not too soaked
    before throwing it out.
  • Get new food waste bags at the waste station.

Latest update March 27, 2023