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A building for both students and children

Vegalyckan is one of our newer student housing units, centrally located near Studentlyckan. Lund Municipality has built an primary school, Vegaskolan, in the ground floor and we built 110 student housing on top. The students moved in autumn 2015.

Facts about Vegalyckan student housing

  • Developer: AF Bostäder
  • Residential area (BOA): 3 380 s.qm.
  • Number of apartments: 110
  • Number of tenants: 172
  • Apartment types: 48 one room apartments, 36 two room apartments for friends and 26 two room apartments for couples
  • Construction start: October 2013
  • Move-in: November 2015
  • Overall contractor: Serneke AB
  • Architect: Zoom Arkitekter AB
  • Address: Råbyvägen 17

About the project

The building is divided three dimensionally, which means that it consists of two properties, one on top of the other. The ground floor is a primary school for younger children and the upper floors are 110 student housing. A successful collaboration that enables low rents for the students.

The school Vegaskolan has its entrance to the courtyard, with lovely playgrounds facing the park. Our students have their entrance on the street side and there is also a sheltered garden area with space for togetherness and grilling. The children at the schoolyard can take advantage of the sunny hours in the morning and mornings, while the students can enjoy the evening sun at the end of the day.

Latest update August 20, 2020