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Dammhagen - the iron in the city

Dammhagen is an exciting six-storey property in the corner of Brunnsgatan and Södra Esplanaden. Here AF Bostäder offers both apartments with loft and smart apartments for friends, an accommodation that greatly appreciated.

Facts about Dammhagen student housing

  • Developer: AF Bostäder
  • Residential area (BOA): 3 738 sq.m.
  • Number of apartments: 95
  • Number of tenants: 197
  • Apartment types: 7 one room apartments, 25 two room apartments for friends, 49 two room apartments for couples and 14 three room apartments
  • Construction start: September 2013
  • Move-in: January 2015
  • Overall contractor: Nimab Entreprenad AB
  • Architect: Torudd Arkitekter
  • Address: Södra Esplanaden 36

The project

Dammhagen gets an almost ideal location. The property is adjacent to AF Bostäder's well-known student residence area Parentesen and Smålands nation, only one and a half blocks from Lund's absolute center.

With a cool wedge shaped body of six floors, the building combines the surrounding buildings and green spaces in a thoughtful and successful way. Tenants will have a pleasant courtyard with tasteful attic runs and the property offers a mix of accommodations of different sizes.

A prerequisite for the success of the economic aspects of the project has been to maximize the building right. With a high level of aesthetics and performance, the surfaces have been optimized, thanks to the fine efforts of architect Peter Torudd.

The houses are predominantly designed as doublet for two friends, or for couples, but the building also have 1-room and three-room apartments. The apartments on the bottom and top floors get tasteful floor-to-ceiling solutions. For all accommodation there are personalized, marked bicycle sites under roof, of which a large number in the garage. The building's energy use for heating, hot water and real estate remains in line with the forecasts of 55 kilowatt hours per square meter per year, which is comparable to current building requirements of 90 kilowatt hours.

The entire project follows the municipality's Environment Building Program South, which places high demands on energy, moisture, indoor environment, acoustics, noise and urban biodiversity.

Latest update August 20, 2020
Martin Jacobsson
Martin Jacobsson
Property Development Manager
046-19 14 62