Management team

The management team at AF Bostäder is responsible both for the day-to-day management of the company and some long term issues.

Henrik Krantz


Henrik is the chief executive officer of AF Bostäder. That means that he has the ultimate responsibility for AF Bostäder. Henrik answers to the board of directors.

046-19 14 19

Magnus Cederberg

Property Development Manager

The property development deparment is responsible for all new constructions, we want to have a good supply of student housing in the future. We think long term and manage our properties with care when we nurture and develop the internal and external environment.

046-19 15 43

Anna Malmström

Property Manager

Accomodation development is responsible for all practical customer service during the rental period eg. fault reports, inspections, maintenance issues and ongoing maintenance.

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Claes Hjortronsteen

Rental Manager

The rental process is responsible for the initial contact with the students, from contact to contract, but also for ongoing contractual issues. The process also manages the rental of commercial premises and parking spaces.

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Mats Rudenschöld


The Finance process is responsible for all matters relating to accounting and financial operations. The process is also responsible of the head office and IT. 

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Björg Bergsteinsson

HR Manager

The Human Resource process is responsible for all company-wide questions that allow a fully-functioning organization with competent employees who thrive at their work. The Human Resource process is also responsibility for the company's sustainability work and communication.

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