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Marathon - the best location in Lund

Marathon, completed in 2019, marked AF Bostäder's venture into a newly developed area in Lund. This housing complex, comprising 256 student residences, was finalized in the summer of 2019, accommodating up to 370 students.

Facts about Marathon

  • Developer: AF Bostäder 
  • Residential area (BOA): 8 272 s.qm.
  • Number of apartments: 256
  • Number of tenants: 370
  • Apartment types: 165 one room apartments with kitchen, 70 two room apartments for friends and 21 tree room apartments for friends. 
  • Construction start: September 2017 (demolition work began in autumn 2016)
  • Rental: April 2018
  • Move-in: August and September 2019
  • Overall contractor: NIMAB
  • Architect: Jais Arkitekter AB
  • Address: Tornavägen 11, Tunavägen 31 and 33 

The project

Marathon has formed an entirely new housing area. This is a new beginning for AF Bostäder because we are building a completely new student housing area, something we have not done since the 1970s. Marathon’s location could not be any better. The proximity to LTH, the School of Economics and Management, grocery stores, a gym, green areas, student unions and the city centre puts Marathon in an ideal location for current and future generations of students.

Daylight has the highest priority! The buildings are designed to give all tenants access to as much daylight as possible. At the far end of Torna and Tunavägen, the buildings have three floors which gradually grow into eight floors in the innermost house at LTH.

All building materials are free from what may be harmful to the environment or health. The houses are well insulated with a recycling system, which makes energy consumption approximately 20% lower than the new building requirement. All energy is 100% renewable. Marathon also produces own energy from solar panels on the roof.

The Marathon name

There has been a tradition within academic Lund to pay tribute to and seek to imitate Ancient Greece. The tradition has been particularly strong in the AF family, where examples such as Athen in AF Borgen and our housing estates of Sparta and Delphi are particularly noteworthy. When we were given the opportunity to name an entirely new housing estate, we at AF Bostäder wanted to honour this tradition while emphasising our links to AF Borgen and the Academic Society. People also associate the word marathon with endurance, a quality that is essential to doing what we do – managing and developing affordable and suitable housing for the students of Lund.


In order to carry out the Marathon project, we have torn down some buildings. One special building remains – Torvlabbet (the “Peat Laboratory”). The building was designed by architect Klas Anshelm and will be preserved due to its substantial architectonic value.

Latest update August 20, 2020
Martin Jacobsson
Martin Jacobsson
Property Development Manager
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