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Biotopia - a buzzing housing area for insects

An investment in biodiversity is not only an investment for the creatures concerned – it is necessary for all life. In recent years we have set up an increasing number of areas with an aim to promote insects and birdlife, and in 2022 we opened Biotopia – our very first housing area for bugs and pollinators. Everyone is welcome to visit!

Biodiversity and maintaining a wide range of species is a condition for interactions in nature, clean air and clean water – and pollination. It also helps to protect against climate change.

By investing a little extra in insects, such as wild bees, bumblebees, hymenoptera, butterflies, spiders and worms, we can make a gigantic difference for all life on Earth. Insects are vital for ensuring we have plants and crops, and they constitute food for birds and others.

In several of our areas there are plans for meadow zones and sand beds that will promote biodiversity, and now we will open our very first Biotopia. Far out in the Kämnärsrätten area we have adapted a zone of just under 600 square meters, formerly for trees, bushes and grass, into a more natural and wild plant habitat. There will be meadows, sallow, common hawthorn and summer lilac along with a natural insect biotope consisting of elements such as oak trunks with plenty of creepy crawlies, all with the intention of helping pollinators, insects and small birds to thrive. The birds will be provided with their own small bird boxes – perfect for small families.

Biotopia is beautiful, buzzing, lively, rustling, cosy, great for walks and 100 percent biotopic. Welcome to this new wild green space!

Latest update September 15, 2023