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Furnished or unfurnished?

At AF Bostäder, you can rent student housing either furnished or unfurnished. Most of our corridor rooms and apartments are unfurnished, meaning you are responsible for buying, borrowing, or renting furniture during your stay with us.

In furnished accommodations, the following items are included:

  • Birch desk, 160 cm, with an integrated drawer
  • Black desk chair, height-adjustable
  • Birch bed, 105 cm wide, with a spring mattress and mattress topper
  • Birch pedestal drawer unit with three drawers
  • Free-standing birch bookshelf, 120 cm high (at the Sparta housing area, the bookshelf is wall-mounted)

These pieces of furniture are part of your rental agreement and cannot be opted out of. You are responsible for the furniture throughout your rental period, just as you are for the rest of the accommodation.

Second Hand and Vintage in Lund

There are many shops and flea markets in Lund where you can find great second-hand furniture at good prices. You can find some of them listed on Visit Lund. Be aware of the risk of bedbugs and inspect all second-hand furniture thoroughly before purchasing.

Furniture Rental

If you would like to rent furniture for your accommodation, we recommend Cohabit, a circular furniture rental service run by former international students in Lund and Malmö.

Available student housing

To view our current available student housing options, both furnished and unfurnished, click here.

Latest update May 20, 2024