We rent out both furnished and unfurbished student housing, so that students can choose the options that suit them best. In the housing description at Available Housing you can see if furniture is included in the contract or not.

If you rent a furnished housing, the furniture is a part of your contract and can not be deselected. You are responsible for the furniture during your rental period the same way as the rest of the dwelling. If any furniture is missing when you move, you will be liable to the entire cost for a new purchase. Some price examples: Chair 3450 SEK, spring mattres 2650 SEK, bed frame 4200 SEK. The following is included in our furnished housing. 

  • Desk in birch, 160 cm, with insert drawer.
  • Black office chair, height-adjustable.
  • 105 cm wide bed in birch with spring mattress and bed-head.
  • Birch drawer with three drawers.
  • Free-standing bookcase in birch, 120 cm high, in all furnished housing except Sparta. At Sparta a wall-mounted bookcase is included instead.


Latest update January 3, 2020