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Corridor challenge: Gingerbread house competition 2023

December 6, 2023

We know that baking and decorating are happening in many of our corridors. There's probably a gingerbread house or two being built as well. Take the opportunity to compete for an ICA gift card by showcasing your corridor's gingerbread house.

Show off your fantastic gingerbread house for a chance to win an ICA gift card that you can use for a cozy Christmas dinner in the corridor.

This is how it works

  • The competition starts now and ends on Wednesday 20 December 12:00, by which time the entries must have been submitted.
  • One entry per corridor.
  • The competition entry must contain three pictures. Two pictures of the gingerbread house and one picture of the group that is participating in the activity.
    The pictures and a short description of the entry should be sent to from the email address a participant in the corridor is registered with on Your Pages.
  • The winning contribution will be selected by AF Bostäder.
  • The contributions will be posted on AF Bostäder’s social media platforms.

There are prizes, of course! The winning corridor receives a gift card at ICA worth 2000 SEK. The second and third prize recipients each receive gift cards at ICA worth 1000 SEK.

Get inspired by the photo above, which was one of the fantastic winners from last year's corridor challenge.

Good luck!