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Two students stand behind a table at a flea market. Pictures of the red annual report and sustainability report are in the right in the picture.

AF Bostäder's annual report and sustainability report for 2023

April 30, 2024

Would you like to learn more about AF Bostäder's operations and sustainability efforts? Read our latest reports!

2023 brought many exciting events and sustainability initiatives. Among other things, procedures for when students are feeling unwell have been strengthened, and a new social media strategy has been developed, now involving students. Additionally, a hiking trip was organized for students, and a choir for employees was started.

More key events during the year:

Students have moved into the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified Pireus
The newly opened Pireus accommodates 300 students and offers coziness, community, peace, and well-being.

Clean sustainably with Ekotipset
In collaboration with Ellinor Sirén, AF Bostäder distributes a special edition of the book "Clean sustainably with Ekotipset."

Popular flea market premiere at Kämnärsrätten
In response to student requests, AF Bostäder organized its first flea market at Kämnärsrätten – a budding tradition.

Better customer service with new IT features
New IT features have made it easier to book inspections upon moving out, as well as to track the number of available novisch student (new student) accommodations at the start of each term.

More indirect emissions to be reported in scope 3
Scope 3 now includes more operation-related emissions arising from collaborators, employees, and tenants.

AF Bostäder 40 years
Since its foundation in 1983, AF Bostäder has evolved into a student-owned, solid entity focusing on the long-term development of sustainable student accommodations.

Read about this and much more in our annual report and sustainability report (in Swedish). Most articles are translated into English. You will find them soon on #bigplans.