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Breathalyzers on AF Bostäder’s showers

April 1, 2016

The student housing company AF Bostäder will put breathalyzers on the showers in the apartments. This follows several incidents where tenants have fall asleep in the showers and, by doing so, causing flood.

The phenomena of falling asleep in the shower is not a problem that solely occurs among AF Bostäder’s tenants, but students as a whole are more likely to nap in the shower in comparison to other groups in our society. AF Bostäder also presents numbers showing that when a tenant falls asleep it is in 98 % of the cases linked to alcohol consumption – with a margin of error at 2 %.
- Students like to shower, they also like to party. We don’t have a problem with either of these things but when you bring them together you will get a problem says Henrik Krantz, CEO at AF Bostäder.

The inspiration for breathalyzers comes from Finland where there are experiments with double floor drains in the bathrooms, and Denmark where landlords often put spikes on the floor drains. Through new technology, breathalyzers are the cheapest and most effective solution. Breathalyzers will also, in part, contribute to the sustainability within AF Bostäder.
- Breathalyzers does not just minimize the risk for water damages in our houses, it also leads to reduced water usage and that rhymes well with our ambitious environmental profile. You can also expect social benefits if our tenants shower together says Dag Oredsson, CIO at AF Bostäder.

The solution will be in place April 1st 2017, starting with the corridor rooms in 2016.
- It is obvious to us that students living in corridors are having more fun than other students. It also stands to reason that they shower more often because they see each other in a higher extent. What we do not want to do is interfere with the personal hygiene, you should be able to enjoy a liquor infused candy and still be able to take a shower, concludes Henrik Krantz.