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AF Bostäder will install eye scanner in your keyhole

April 1, 2018

AF Bostäder is to introduce new technology in the new housing area Marathon. The traditional lock and key system will be replaced by an ultra-high security eye scanner, that will be installed in the door’s keyhole. All apartments will be fitted with the new technology in due course.

“We have searched for a long time to find a solution that can replace the old-fashioned lock and key,” says Rose-Marie, ex Property Manager at AF Bostäder. “Using keys is impractical, time-consuming and costly. Now we have found an excellent solution using a modern eye scanner, and we can only see advantages.”

The new door technology, called iEYE2020, has been thoroughly tested by AF Bostäder staff in a prototype installation at the company offices.

“When the tenant wants to open the door they just need to look into the keyhole, where there is a scanner that instantly reads the eye, and the door opens immediately,” says Martin Jacobsson, Project Manager at AF Bostäder. “The technology works best for the blue-eyed, but is also well proven for people under the influence of alcoholic drinks, the so-called red-eyed.”

The door handles will be removed in connection with the installation. Instead, the doors will be motorised, so that they open automatically.

“It’s important to bend your knees and not your back, when looking into the keyhole,” says Martin Jacobsson. “This is partly for ergonomic reasons to protect your back, but also so you can jump quickly to one side to avoid being hit by the door when it opens.”

Students will no longer have to collect keys. Instead they will send a photo of their eyes to AF Bostäder before they move in. If you are expecting a guest, you can send in (at least 48 hours before the visit) a photo of the guest’s eyes. The same applies for lodgers.

The new eye recognition system is the most secure in biometric identification, and ultra secure from an intruder perspective. In addition, it raises security considerably with regard to the new data protection regulation, GDPR.

“If we allow ourselves to be a little visionary and combine the new doors with the technology for eye recognition that will soon be available on all telephones and computers, we can see before us a whole new way of handling customers,” says Claes Hjortronsteen, Rental Manager at AF Bostäder. “We will only need to save eye data, and not personal data.”

“Our tenants are the future, and we always want to bring the future to our tenants through new technology,” says Henrik Krantz, CEO of AF Bostäder. “To do that, you have to dare to think outside the box. Eye scanners will be installed from the start in our new-build housing areas, and we estimate that all apartments will have this new technology by 2020 at the latest.