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Vegalyckan to become Veganlyckan – green, pleasant, meat-free housing

April 1, 2019

AF Bostäder is to introduce vegan student housing. First up is Vegalyckan, which is now to become Sweden’s first totally meat-free student housing – Veganlyckan. Tenants will be offered a 4-week transition programme with coaching on consumption patterns and greener cooking. Those who choose not to take part will be given priority for alternative housing.

Inspiration is important

Our planet requires a drastic reduction of greenhouse gases. AF Bostäder focuses intensely on sustainability and has now chosen for the first time to involve a whole housing area and all its tenants.

“We do not support the meat market that prevails in Lund’s student life,” says Björg Bergsteinsson, Sustainability Manager at AF Bostäder. “As developers of the built environment we want to inspire people to make more sustainable choices, and that’s why we are now helping our tenants to change their lifestyle.”

Transition programme for a greener lifestyle

The tenants will have two options. Those who do not choose the vegan option will be given priority for alternative housing, whereas those who stay at Veganlyckan will be offered a 4-week adjustment programme.

“Veganism advocates a life without animal products,” says Klara Svensson, Sustainability Coordinator at AF Bostäder. “The students must give up meat, fish and dairy products, as well as blacklisted shoes, bags, animal-tested cosmetics, shampoo, honey, belts and leather trousers. Some of the tenants at Veganlyckan nearly fainted when they realised what was in store, but after the kick-off meeting everyone was very positive and went home to clear out their fridges and wardrobes. We guarantee that no-one will feel like a fish out of water.”

Tighter checks

Cooperation with Securitas has been extended and in future they will stop anyone under the influence of meat at Veganlyckan. Caretaker Johan Hägglöf has been trained in the new security procedures:

“During an introduction period, we will be carrying out spot checks while we prepare for the installation of security portals with meat detectors that are sensitive to meat and other animal products.”

All food suppliers in Lund have been informed about the change and security locks will be installed in the windows during April to avoid the prohibited smuggling of meat. Tenants who break the rules will receive a meaty rent surcharge.

The future is green

The change, which come into effect on 1 April 2019, entails a certain amount of extra work and increased costs, but AF Bostäder sees the initiative as an investment in a sustainable future.

“It is a major project and I am aware that many in the organisation are feeling a little tender at the moment, but we have reached a point where there is so much at stake. It is my aim to carry out the transition programme throughout our property portfolio within one year – for all our tenants. Meat-free housing will make the students and the world happier,” says Henrik Krantz, CEO of AF Bostäder.