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Housing area Parentesen with a sign that says Festivus

AF Bostäder switches from Greek to Latin – Sparta becomes Spartacus

April 1, 2022

In compliance with a new directive from the Greek authorities, AF Bostäder has decided to rename its housing areas with Latin names. Initially the change applies to areas that currently have Greek names, but in the name of consistency the rest of the portfolio will also be renamed.

AF Bostäder has a long tradition of using Greek names for its housing areas. The most antique parts of the portfolio are Delphi and Sparta. During current expansion, they have been joined by Proto, Marathon, and Hippocampus, and at the time of writing Pireus is taking shape. In early 2022, AF Bostäder was contacted by representatives of the Greek authorities who asserted the demand that the company abandon its Greek line.

“The demand hardly came as a surprise for us,” says Henrik Krantz, CEO of AF Bostäder. “We have understood that there is a widespread perception that our relation to Greek history and geography is both light-hearted and flippant. This is in fact not something we take lightly, but we have listened and come to the conclusion that a change of names is in everyone’s interest.

Rechristening an entire property portfolio is a considerable challenge, but after an intensive seminar it was clear that the solution was as simple as it was brilliant – AF Bostäder switches from Greek to Latin.

“I don’t know if shouting “eureka” is appropriate, but we are extremely pleased with the result,” says Henrik Krantz. In the first stage, Sparta will change name to Spartacus, Delphi to Colosseum and Marathon to Circus Maximus. Proto will become Primis, Hippocampus becomes In Memoriam, and Pireus, which is located at one end of Kämnärsvägen, will be called Piriformis.

AF Bostäder has 19 housing areas, of which most have names with local connections or sometimes student high spirits. Now, a more consistent line will be launched, in which all areas are given Latin names. Stage two include the joyous Studentus Lyckos (Studentlyckan) together with Monasterium (Klosterängen) and Centralis (Tomegap). In the centre there will also be Festivus (Parentesen), Babaorum (Ulrikedal), Aquarium (Dammhagen), Laudunum (Magasinet) and Lillbonum (Gylleholm). Vildanden will become Hispania as it lies farthest west in the empire and has many hours of sunshine.

“We have also contacted the Academic Society, which quickly fell into line on the issue,” says Henrik Krantz. The notarius publicus considered that those Romans were not quite sane, but it is a question of seizing the day and therefore Athens in the AF-Borgen will change name to Rome. Our caretakers will be given the new, fresh title of Dominus and our new motto will be pax vobiscum.”

The third and final stage will be completed towards the summer (Rome was not in fact built in a day) with new are signs for Kompaktus (Bokompakt), Parcum (Park), Fabulosa Quercus (Sagoeken) and, last but not least, Veganus Euphoria (Vegalyckan).

“This may be considered to be all Greek to ordinary people, but what is said is said and pacta sunt servanda. Latin was taught in Sweden until the 1800s, and it is a well-known fact that Lund residents should have a Latin accent, so the transition should be smooth. Summa summarum, all’s well that ends well. Now we will celebrate with vesuvio and some amphora or vice versa,” concludes Henrik Lagerkrantz.