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Parentesen will be calm, secure and safe on April 30th

March 30, 2023

April 30th in Lund is associated with traditions, celebrations and festive spirit but unfortunately also with large and unsafe arrangements in the Parentesen housing area. Now AF Bostäder, in consultation with the police and the emergency services, has chosen to secure the area for a calm and secure April 30th.

As the students’ own housing company, AF Bostäder thinks it is both important and enjoyable to safeguard traditions – and to celebrate April 30th. However, in Lund there is unfortunately also a bad habit; namely to go to the Parentesen student housing area to party, which usually leads to dangerously large gatherings of a festival nature.

Parentesen is a standard rented property with about 300 corridor rooms for students. As it is a housing area, Parentesen is clearly unsuitable for large parties because it is not dimensioned for crowds. This applies to everything from evacuation routes to the construction of stairwells, corridors, roofs and balconies.

On April 30th 2022, there were about 1 500 people on site at the same time. The police and Securitas described the situation as out of control. Such events can expose both tenants and visitors to considerable danger and cause serious accidents. And, of course, the parties also cause a major disturbance for both residents of Parentesen and the neighbours.

For a number of years, AF Bostäder successfully cordoned off and monitored the area on 30th April. During the pandemic no cordon was needed, and in 2022 an attempt was made to keep the area open and provide information on sanctions concerning festivities. Unfortunately, this did not work, and now permanent security measures are being introduced.

In consultation with the police and the emergency services, AF Bostäder has decided that as from this year entry to Parentesen will only apply to the tenants and their chosen visitors on 30th April. All those who live at Parentesen will receive a personal armband for entry, and two extra armbands for visitors.

When situations arise that the tenants cannot control, it is AF Bostäder’s responsibility to protect residents, visitors and neighbours as well as prevent accidents and damage, and this, considering the circumstances, is the best solution. The measures apply for a very limited period and do not affect the tenants’ right of use or everyday life at Parentesen. AF Bostäder wishes everyone in Lund an enjoyable and safe 30th April celebration, and that the tenants have a calm and secure Parentesen to come home to.