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Clean easily and sustainably with Ekotipset!

May 8, 2023

At last! Many of you have asked us for good and eco-friendly cleaning tips. In cooperation with Ellinor Sirén, known for her Instagram account, “Ekotipset” (Eco-hacks), we have produced a special edition of her popular book “Städa hållbart med Ekotipset” (Clean Sustainably with Eco-hacks).

All corridors have received a copy for sharing plus a great starter kit containing all you need for cleaning, such as vinegar, bicarbonate, spray bottle, microfibre cloths, and much more. If you live in an apartment, you can collect your free copy from the Service Centre at Sparta. 

The book gives you lots of tips, advice, and recipes for how you can clean all parts of your home easily and in an eco-friendly way using natural and sustainable agents. The famous miracle agent is a good example. In addition, you will find out how to remove stains, fix shoes, minimise food waste, prepare your bicycle for the spring and get many other useful pointers. You can also check out Ekotipset on Instagram or (in Swedish) for more good advice on sustainability in the home.

At present there is no English version of "Städa hållbart med Ekotipset".

Good luck!