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The 2022 sustainability report has arrived

May 24, 2023

Do you want to know more about AF Bostäder's sustainability work? Read our latest sustainability report in Swedish or soon on #bigplans!

During 2022, several exciting sustainability projects have been carried out. Project "Help!" and wellness initiatives have continued to promote students' mental and physical health. The campaign "You have the power to save" has encouraged students to save energy. By updating the stakeholder dialogue, we have identified the most important sustainability issues for both students and employees. We have also established an internal sustainability council to coordinate the sustainability work within AF Bostäder, focusing on the students.

Important events during the year:

Better dialogue with new customer survey
From 2022, customer satisfaction is measured continuously instead of once a year, which enables faster measures and better dialogue.

Successful energy saving campaign
During the autumn energy shortage, AF Bostäder launched an energy saving campaign aimed at students, with good results.

AF Bostäder is the most bicycle-friendly workplace in Sweden
After several local awards, AF Bostäder has now been named "The most bicycle-friendly medium-sized workplace of the year" in Sweden.

Premiere for the Sustainability council
In a newly started internal sustainability council, employees from the entire company are coordinating and streamlining the sustainability work.

Construction starts for Rhodos – a wonder in terms of sustainability
AF Bostäder has started constructing Rhodos, the company's most sustainable residential area to date, with space for 260 students.

Biotopia will benefit bird and insect life
At Kämnärsrätten, AF Bostäder has opened Biotopia, a 600-square-meter area intended solely for biological diversity.

Read the entire sustainability report (in Swedish)

Most articles are translated into English. You will find them soon on #bigplans.