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Delphi's scariest corridor wins “Scariest Picture” 2023!

November 9, 2023

Now that Halloween is over, so is the corridor competition “Scariest Picture”. Thanks for all the spooky submissions you sent in! However, the spookiest of them all was the image above, created by the students at Magistratsvägen 55 B 1201–1212. Their winning picture truly sent shivers down our spines...

The students at Magistratsvägen 55 B 1201–1212, also known as “The scariest corridor at Delphi”, have clinched the first prize in this year's photo competition “Scariest Picture” 2023. Their frightening and imaginative creativity has not only made them winners but also established the corridor as a master of the mysterious and frightening. Congratulations to the winners!

Second prize goes to the students at Kämnärsvägen 71 H, whose incredibly scary picture from the basement made a huge impression. Congratulations to them!

In third place, we find the creative students at Ulrikedalsvägen 12 B, floor 1. After the initial shock, we can assure you all that everyone in the picture is doing well again!

A scary congratulations to all the winners!