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The rent increase for AF Bostäder's current tenants remains at 3%

December 4, 2023

Despite ongoing high inflation and significantly rising costs, the rent increase for AF Bostäder's current tenants will be approximately 3% from January 1, 2024. The new rent has been made possible through continued reprioritization in ongoing operations. However, uncertainty about the future persists, which may necessitate higher increases next year.

"AF Bostäder and the Tenant Association have reached an agreement regarding student rents for 2024," says Henrik Krantz, CEO of AF Bostäder. "As always, our ambition is to ensure as steady rent development as possible for students. Despite significant cost increases, through various measures, we have managed to keep the increase for our existing tenants largely in line with previous years' rent adjustments."

Among the measures taken are several reprioritizations and cost-saving initiatives in our operations. As an example, continued review of our expenses, especially concerning maintenance and outdoor environments, where many agreements with suppliers may need to be renegotiated. At the same time, housing maintenance will be slightly reduced in 2024. This, overall, leads to the necessity of lowering the level of ambition for the coming year.

The agreement also includes an adjustment of rents by 2% for tenants moving in from next year. This increase, which does not affect current tenants, is of a one-time nature.

The many tough economic challenges that we have faced in 2023 unfortunately persist and will impact us just as much next year," says Henrik Krantz. "However, our overarching goal remains unchanged: we will continue our pursuit of offering students at Lund University the best student residences in Sweden. We achieve this through the ongoing development of our existing properties and further new construction of student housing.

Example monthly rents

Corridor room (9 months rent) Before the increase (SEK) After the increase (SEK) Difference (SEK)
Delphi, 20 sqm   3.761 3.874 113
Sparta, 19 sqm   4.333 4.463 130
Parentesen, 17 sqm 2.872 2.958 86
Apartments (12 months rent)      
Ulrikedal, 1 rok, 25 sqm   4.351 4.481 131
Sagoeken, 1 rok, 22 sqm   4.665 4.805 140
Studentlyckan, 2 rok, 52 sqm     6.744 6.946 202
Kämnärsrätten, 3 rok, 65 sqm     7.124 7.338 214