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Winners of Student Mello 2024

March 8, 2024

Congratulations to the students at corridor Ällingavägen 5 A 1209–1216 who won the first prize in the Student Mello competition with their amazing entry "My Plate."

🥇First prize

“My Plate," by corridor Ällingavägen 5 A 1209–1216 at Vildanden.

Jury's motivation:

The entry impressed with a high degree of creativity, and the self-written song has both a catchy melody and a chorus that sticks! You've managed to capture the essence of the (sometimes so) frustrating student life in a unique way, and your references to the world at large give the contribution a deeper meaning. By engaging the entire corridor, you have truly created a memorable mello contribution. Thank you for your fantastic effort, and congratulations on the first prize!

The corridor's own description of the entry:

The song “My Plate”, produced by Vildanden 5A 3rd floor corridor to the right, is an original song created by the compiled effort of our corridor, to encapsulate our frustration of everyday student life, in the form of our very true shared love for one specific plate, and the more abstract metaphor of the uncontrollable nature of the world and its inhabitants. The plate in question is one whose provision of comfort is not guaranteed after a long day at uni, but that can make or break your day. The production is Melodifestivalen-inspired, but also draws on many tiktok-specific characteristics in videography.

🥈Second prize

"Hard Rock Hallelujah" by corridor Kämnärsvägen 71 H at Park.

Jury's motivation:

With slick special effects, Lordi-inspired costumes, and a set design that enhances the message of the song, the corridor delivers their professional entry with great passion, impressing the jury. Extra kudos for incorporating pyrotechnics. Congratulations to the second prize winners!

🥉Third prize

"Ceilings" by Jessica at Ulrikedal.

Jury's motivation:

A heartfelt and stripped-down interpretation of "Ceilings" that touched the jury. A fine performance and a beautiful voice with a lot of emotion. Congratulations on a well-deserved third prize!

All the entries, including AF Bostäder's own submission, are available to watch on AF Bostäder's Instagram and TikTok under the hashtag #afbmello..